TV Preview: Looking For Alaska

I am thoroughly excited for the 8 episode Hulu adaptation of Looking for Alaska. The novel is a very interesting novel (I would recommend the blog post ESCAPING THE LABYRINTH: SUFFERING IN YA FICTION AND THE CASE OF JOHN GREEN’S [LOOKING FOR ALASKA] from Angel Matos, professor of YA Literature at SDSU for a deeper look.)  I... Continue Reading →


Book Review: An Absolutely Remarkable Thing by Hank Green

@hankgreen says "The colors in this piece of #AARTart from @anamericanghost were what hit me first, but I also just love her take on the robot itself. THOSE EYES!! More from Samantha here: "This review will contain some minor spoilers, so stop here if you haven't finished reading AART! Okay, I admit I was willing... Continue Reading →

We Know You Can Make a #BetterCup

Today in my culture and literacy class, our professor Gina Ko brought in a special guest speaker... her daughter 12 year old daughter Mya! Mya and her friend Eve have had major success with their petition on, asking Starbucks to improve the design of their disposable cups to make them more environmentally friendly. Their petition, that... Continue Reading →

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