Movie Review: Reacting to “The Hate U Give”

  "The Hate U Give" movie was an even better adaptation than I had hoped for. The  film  was  moving. My entire theatre was laughing, crying, gasping and cheering. Not something I expected at a small showing in Canada. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I really want to tip... Continue Reading →


TV Review: The Dragon Prince or how inclusive fantasy worlds give me warm fuzzies.

I was highly anticipating the release of The Dragon Prince, and I wasn’t disappointed with how it turned out. More than the plot, and the animation, the show just wound its way into my heart. It just made me feel good warm fuzzies while watching, and in 2018, I’m here for that.  I couldn’t help... Continue Reading →

We Know You Can Make a #BetterCup

Today in my culture and literacy class, our professor Gina Ko brought in a special guest speaker... her daughter 12 year old daughter Mya! Mya and her friend Eve have had major success with their petition on, asking Starbucks to improve the design of their disposable cups to make them more environmentally friendly. Their petition, that... Continue Reading →

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