TV Review: The Dragon Prince or how inclusive fantasy worlds give me warm fuzzies.

I was highly anticipating the release of The Dragon Prince, and I wasn’t disappointed with how it turned out. More than the plot, and the animation, the show just wound its way into my heart. It just made me feel good warm fuzzies while watching, and in 2018, I’m here for that. 

I couldn’t help comparing the show to Avatar: The Last Airbender, for obvious reasons. While I was worried The Dragon Prince might be found lacking when compared to (IMO) the greatest children’s tv show of all time, I think it really benefitted from Avatar vibes. It seemed to targeted at a slightly younger audience, but the sounds, the voices, the world all felt a little familiar, and, well, gave me warm fuzzies. Okay, so maybe this isn’t a particularly critical review, but I guess I’m saying I felt the show on an emotional level, and thats some of the highest praise I can give.

An example of why this show was so joyful to watch was how the writers careful crafted a fantasy world that was thoughtfully inclusive and diverse. This show is a great example of how good representation makes shows, and fantasy worlds richer, better, cooler (any positive adjective you want to use). There were interesting, awesome, and loveable kings of colour, a deaf army general, a majestic and three legged wolf friend, etc… Seeing yourself in literature/media can be a beautiful moment that helps you feel connected to and apart of the world. Everyone deserves the experience of seeing themselves represented well. I wanted to include a few links that included thoughts from members of the deaf community and others who are more familiar and can address specific points of the representation. 

Polygon: How The Dragon Prince carefully handled General Amaya’s deafness

Netflix’s ‘Dragon Prince’ is like an animated ‘Game of Thrones’-only way more inclusive

Reddit: The little details of Amaya’s Deaf representation

I just want to end with the happy news that The Dragon Prince has been renewed for a second season. I am looking forward to more to come!


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