Movie Review: Reacting to “The Hate U Give”


“The Hate U Give” movie was an even better adaptation than I had hoped for. The  film  was  moving. My entire theatre was laughing, crying, gasping and cheering. Not something I expected at a small showing in Canada. I was on the edge of my seat the entire time. I really want to tip my hat to everyone involved in the production. The visuals were appealing, really bringing Garden Heights to life, the grit and the beauty. The music was nothing but bangers. The acting was incredible, everyone really seized their role. I loved everyone I was supposed to love, and was incredibly bitter with every antagonist. The actors seemed to understand the bigger message they were sharing. The script was really well done. It incorporates so much from the book, I appreciated that. The few elements that were added were incorporated so well, the director and co. really understand what needed to be changed to visually tell the story. Some of the “non-book” elements were literally my favourite parts.

Overall, I really agree with this special review from The New Yorker, that what makes this book and this movie so special is the careful complexity of world Angie Thomas has created. It is vitally nuanced. It does everything it is trying do really really well, while still being really really enjoyable to read/watch.

Here are some other really cool reviews and reactions that capture some of what I think is special! Let me know what you think is so special about The Hate U Give in the comments!


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