TV Preview: Looking For Alaska

Cigarette Smoke, Online Image retrieved from cigarette-smoke-float-air-16.jpg

I am thoroughly excited for the 8 episode Hulu adaptation of Looking for Alaska. The novel is a very interesting novel (I would recommend the blog post ESCAPING THE LABYRINTH: SUFFERING IN YA FICTION AND THE CASE OF JOHN GREEN’S [LOOKING FOR ALASKA] from Angel Matos, professor of YA Literature at SDSU for a deeper look.)  I have always pictured the story completely in black and white in my head while reading, but the novel offers anything  but a “black and white” perspective on the teenage experience. It is a faulty youth novel that is willing to ask serious questions. Carefully crafted moments of ambiguity have left me pondering over the years, and I can’t wait to revisit Culver Creek as captured by TV cameras. I am a fan of adaptations in general, and the perspective they can add to favourite stories. In this case, I think a new perspective has the potential to be really special.

Worth noting is that this adaptation is not the first attempt at an Alaska adaptation.  In fact, it has been quite the struggle to get here. Author John Green details the process in this video:

If you are familiar with Alaska, then you know it is a story that is very connected to John personally, so to see him hopeful about this adaptation leaves me feeling quite optimistic. Now someone just needs to explain to this Canadian how to access a Hulu account…


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